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Beware of Books!


September 27 marks the beginning of the 33rd annual Banned Books Week, which was begun to draw attention to the increasing number of books being challenged due to content deemed inappropriate for one reason or another. The Tattered Cover has published the American Library Association’s list of the ten most-challenged books of 2014, including the […]

Help Me Build My Summer Reading List


It’s beach-reading season – so what is in your book bag (or on your Kindle) this summer? Many people have been reading John Green’s “The Fault in Our Stars,” although not everyone will admit it. What are your thoughts on adults reading Young Adult fiction? Are you embarrassed to be seen reading it, or are […]

How Well-Read Are You?


At this link, you can find a list of 100 important books and an easy way to tabulate how many of them you have read. While not scientific, it is a fun way to see how you stack up against the rest of your book club. After perusing the list, what books do you think […]

And The Oscar Goes To …


Following the Best Picture accolades at this week’s Academy Awards, sales of Solomon Northup’s book “12 Years A Slave” jumped from number 326 on the Amazon bestseller list, to number 19! Are you encouraged or disappointed that it takes something like this for a great book to be rediscovered? Of all of the nominees for […]

Celebrating Our Authors-In-Chief


This Presidents Day, we celebrate our forefathers and their contributions to our democratic way of life. But we can also celebrate them as fellow authors. Ulysses S. Grant’s personal memoirs were published by Mark Twain, following Grant’s death. Modern presidents Harry S Truman, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and others have written memoirs. John […]

A Case For Writing In Longhand


At a recent appearance, author Tom Robbins talked about the time he was questioned by the FBI in connection with the Unabomber case. They had noted similarities in his book “Still Life With Woodpecker” and the then-anonymous manifesto. Of course the Unabomber was well known for his opposition to modern technology. And it turns out […]

New Book Available on Amazon!


The newly-published Stories Gathered At The Kitchen Table is now available on Amazon! Be sure to order your copy now, and after you’ve finished be sure to write an online review! I am so proud of these stories as well as the women who wrote them. This book is truly a labor of love, with […]

A Book Is Born!

I am so proud to announce the publication of this new collection! The stories inside this book were literally gathered at the kitchen table, over the course of many of my workshops, through which the stories were honed and refined. They are honest and compelling, if I do say so myself! What is the source […]

Make Time For Your Writing!

“I wanted those hours, I’d really, really try to be consistent about it.” – Charlotte Rogan Carving out time to write is critical to the creative process.  I cannot stress this enough. Scheduling time for it gives it relevance and importance in your day.  This process was taken to heart by the author of “The […]

Remembering after two years!

I spent a great weekend at the Author U Extravaganza talking with publishers, writers, and printers.  Eric Kampmann, President of MidPoint Trade Books remembered being a part of one of my writing workshops at a conference in 2009 where he was a keynote speaker.  At lunch, Eric asked me to tell a colleague what his […]