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Got Leftovers?

What to do with all of those leftovers?  An American tradition almost as deeply-entrenched as Thanksgiving itself is finding creative ways to use that leftover turkey!  From soup to enchiladas, to sandwiches and casseroles, just about anything goes!   Do you have any writing “leftovers” that you don’t know what to do with?  Pull out […]


    It’s not what you say, but how you say it.  My friend, Kathie Seedroof of Simplified Interior, sent this email link to me as a part of her Feng Shui tips.  I had to share it!  Enjoy this one-minute clip.  You won’t regret it.  Think differently.  Shift the energy.  Change your words, change […]

Remembering after two years!

I spent a great weekend at the Author U Extravaganza talking with publishers, writers, and printers.  Eric Kampmann, President of MidPoint Trade Books remembered being a part of one of my writing workshops at a conference in 2009 where he was a keynote speaker.  At lunch, Eric asked me to tell a colleague what his […]


What a great testament as to why we write. Katherine Carol, author of Tango: Dance of Self Discovey, is a regular member of our workshop.  Through she helps writers publish and promote their books.  Why do you write?  Write your own reason why you write and send to *protected email*  For Anne With this […]

One winged guests

Can you imagine how creepy it is to serve one’s guests a one winged baked chicken?  Such was the case last Sunday featuring a chicken purchased from one Denver market.  Maybe the meat department is liberating one wing per chicken for their buffalo wing inventory.  Slow way to get rich–fast way to freak out a […]


A friend just posted this picture on Facebook.  A picture out of the past in my song and dance days.  How great to remember those creative days.  Are we still creating? Yes, yes,  Can you tell which is me? 

CLAIM ZING FOR 2010: Ease Back into the Flow

A creativity colleague of mine shared insights for New Year writing that I thought were great.  Here’s what she said. Ease Back into the FlowYou may be filled with inspiration and ideas for your most creative 2010. Or you may have no clue what you really want to do, and need some time to make […]

Write Words “Fresh and Unfamiliar”

I had the opportunity to offer a Write Hot! workshop for the CIPA (Colorado Independent Publishers Association) College last weekend, a stunning event despite the blizzard!  In fact, the sun shone bright the whole weekend. An illustrious group of participants attended,  including Eric Kampmann, President of Midpoint Trade Books and Beaufort Books. To my great […]

Writing in Santa Fe

I’m off to Santa Fe for my 8th year to lead Writers Warmup at the Screenwriters Conference in Santa Fe along with Christopher Vogler of The Writer’s Journey, Jeff Arch author of Sleepless in Seattle and Cynthia Whitcomb writer of over 70 produced screenplays.  Great company.  Check out their website at  Interesting people in the […]


Reply: What a great comment.  You have made my day.  Thank you.  I strive to be supportive when people are writing and creating because I beleive all success is positive based.  Being vulnerable is the route to truth in our work.  Vulnerability is a tender state to be nurtured and celebrated. I share the support that […]