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Self Doubt

Writer Richard Bausch in OFF THE PAGE: WRITERS TALK ABOUT BEGINNINGS, ENDINGS, AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN   edited by Carole Burns Quote found in Oprah’s magazine January, 2008 A WRITING LESSON “I don’t teach writing. I teach patience. Toughness. Stubbornness. The willingness to fail. I teach the life. The odd thing is most of the things […]

Let’s Hear from You

LET’S HEAR FROM YOU. Here are three ways. 1. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Do you know of upcoming interesting events involving writing? E-mail 1 to 2 sentences about projects you would like to promote with dates and contact or a short summary of your current projects and I will try to include them in upcoming […]

Honor Your Work

Do other writers or writing workshops sometimes discourage and slow down your own writing process?  This has happened to me more times than is healthy.  Some leaders point out the inadequecies of their clients in a way that is not good for the writing spirit. Here is my conclusion:  We write what we write with the abilities that […]

Encourage, Encourage, Encourage

Creativity is a positive force.  Encouragement is art’s life blood.  It is great to get the encouragement of others, but the most important encouragement comes from ourselves.Go forth.  Write. Encourage yourself.   Anne

Let’s Talk About Writing

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Blogging with Soup

Hi Soup Kitchen Writers:  Catching up with the blog-world I am beginning a communication on the internet.  From time to time I will post hints for writing and encouragement to help you keep going with your project.Remember: Soup Kitchen Writing helps writers, like you, find the courage, craft and creativity to complete your work.Writing Workshops […]