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Sweet Smell of Success?

It was reported earlier this year that designer and noted bibliophile Karl Lagerfeld was creating a perfume that smells of books.  This is reportedly his response to the digital age of publishing, in which the smell of ink on paper is becoming more and more rare. Of course, the sense of smell is one of the most powerful when […]

Write From The Heart

When someone you’re talking with is really passionate about something, you can see a gleam in their eye. When you’re writing about something you are passionate about, your readers need to “see that gleam” in your writing.  I find that the best way to share my passion is to make sure I am writing about […]

Tips on Writing Fiction

I wrote a recent response to comments on novel and developed this list of things about writing fiction that I know.  Thought these might be useful to share.  What do you know specifically about writing fiction that can guide your work?  These things I have learned about writing fiction.                   I know not to […]


One Write at Home writer wrote that after writing in the morning it is difficult to get back into the writing in the afternoon. Below is my response. Once we have visited the writing zone, it may be time to do something else.  Let the energy incubate. To have days that don’t flow is natural.  […]

New Technology: THE BOOK!

Check out this video.  A new invention: THE BOOK! It’s in French, but you’ll understand.  Any thoughts about this innovative invention?Click:     click:                                              THE BOOK! BONUS:Become a FAN, click “LIKE”  at […]

Driven To Distraction?

“The Help” has been a major bestseller by first-time novelist Kathryn Stockett.  In a recent interview, Ms. Stockett mentions that a mockingbird has been squawking outside her window for a year “and is the No. 1 reason I can’t finish my second book. I moved my office to the other side of the house to get […]

Keep Positive Energy Flowing into Your Writing

I recently received repeated scathing emails from someone who had their writing edited and reviewed for comments and were not satisfied.. One of their complaints was that there were too many good comments made about their work. I choose to make this a lesson about putting good energy into our writing.  It is easy to […]

What Is Your Writing Ritual?

What is your writing ritual?  Before you pick up your pen each day, what do you do to motivate yourself to get started? Do you have a ritual for when you finish, or maybe a reward (an ice cream sundae, a massage, a round of golf)?  What about your challenges?  Don’t be daunted by them […]

Great description of Kitchen Table Writing workshop

Catch this blog about our   Wendy wrote with us on Wed AM Terrific description of how our workshop works. Here’s the whole post. At a recent event for writers, I dropped my business card into the fish bowl on Anne Randolph’s display table. She was there promoting the various workshops she offers, both […]

Find Your Character’s Motivation

Now that you have done some work developing your character, you can start delving deeper.  Try exploring and expanding the character’s range with guesswork about their home, family and lifestyle.  Develop a backstory – in essence, drop the reader into a trap door of the character’s past. You can even explore what your character dreams about.  All […]