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STRCUTURE YOUR STORY for Novel or Short Story or Flash Fiction

You have pages of writing and want to shape your short story or novel.  Here are some steps  to look at the total work. Are you doing what you set out to do?  Do you need to discover what you set out to do? Follow this 4 week series to construct, structure, and organize  your […]

Editing Your Work

Just back from teaching in Santa Fe at the Screenwriting Conference.  My workshops were at 7:00 AM!  I get good person credit for early hour creating.  Now is time to get back into Editing.  Here is the beginning of a few good 1st steps to get going again. One step to brilliant editing is to […]


Still time to join us for our GET IT TOGETHER session on Sat June 28 from 9:00-2:00 at the Tactile arts center in Tamarac Square.  Bring paper and pen, a stack of your past writing, index cards and your imagination.  Also bring samples of ways that you organize your material to share.  at TACTILE ARTS CENTER IN […]


Next Step to Organize Your Work: How can I organize the writing I have already done? Step One:During the week of each writing session, I suggest that you type your entry into your computer exactly as you wrote it. Give it a title and a date. I include the time of day because 8:00 am […]