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And The Oscar Goes To …


Following the Best Picture accolades at this week’s Academy Awards, sales of Solomon Northup’s book “12 Years A Slave” jumped from number 326 on the Amazon bestseller list, to number 19! Are you encouraged or disappointed that it takes something like this for a great book to be rediscovered? Of all of the nominees for […]

The Blessed Index Card!

index cards.13

The Power of the Card   A writing friend in San Francisco from the Screenwriters Conference in Santa Fe wrote about a new technique she added to her writing.  I love this idea because I use it with my class.  “Creating Cards” is a major concept I encourage writers to incorporate to open the brain […]

Pitching Your Screenplay

            With the Screenwriters Conference in Santa Fe coming up next week, here are a few notes on how to present your script and to organize a pitch to Producers.  Hope some of you can join us the end of May.  To present a Pitch you need 3-4 Presentation Materials.  […]

Best Screenwriting Training in the Country!

SAVE $300! ScreenWriters Conference in Santa Fe May 26-31 at The Lodge in Santa Fe Screenwriting workshops with Mentors plus Hollywood Connection Weekend to pitch your story!  Join Anne Randolph for Writer’s Warm-Up! each morning “Stands out from other conferences by focusing on craft.” Christopher Vogler – The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers Sign […]

How to Create Conflict

The power of writing a story or screenplay is to create well delineated characters and a strong the storyline with evident conflict, action, and resolution.  Even Aristotle defined these aspects of story. Get quickly into the conflict and directly to the meat of the matter, the heart, cut to the chase. (Avoid cliché.  Can you define “cut to the […]

To Write that Screenplay

Here are Notes on Screenwriting for basic rules of format and story development. Consult one of the classics like David Trottier’s The Screenwriter’s Bible, Rich Richman has a good book on formatting. Also Syd Field’s Screenplay gives essential information on the development of plot points and tension. For story and character development find books by […]