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The Plot Thickens

It is said that there is nothing new under the sun, and American author William Wallace Clark really put that notion to the test.  His book “Plotto: The Master Book of All Plots”, written in 1928 and recently re-released, showcases his system for creating plots for his many books.  In fact, he created 1,462 plot outlines using […]

And The Oscar Goes To…

Oscar Nominations were announced this week, and some of the most interesting and diverse categories are always Best Original Screenplay and Best Adapted Screenplay. This year’s nominees in these categories include Woody Allen (Midnight in Paris), George Clooney (The Ides of March) and Michael Hazanavicius (for The Artist, a silent film – curious).   If you […]

I Have A Dream

Today we celebrate the life and accomplishments of Martin Luther King, Jr.  One of his most inspirational speeches follows here.  It is well worth taking the time to read it again.  What is the most inspirational thing you have ever read? I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in […]

A New Start

    For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice,     And to make an end is to make a beginning. – T.S. Eliot, “Little Gidding”   As we ring in a new year, there is, of course, a lot of talk about New Year’s Resolutions.  You can talk about […]

A Fresh Perspective

Like many writers, you are probably your own harshest critic, which may prevent you from reaching your full potential as an artist.  But whether you’re critiquing your writing, your time management skills, or fretting over a recent interaction with someone it’s always good to keep some perspective.  As the sign says, “… one hundred years from […]

Great Expectations

The holidays can be a time of joy, nostalgia, big celebrations and even bigger expectations. The only problem with expectations is that they can often go unmet.  Many people have a very clear picture in mind of what the holidays should be, and when things don’t go as envisioned – well, that’s when things can […]

Express Your Gratitude!

You say grace before meals. All right. But I say grace before the concert and the opera, and grace before the play and pantomime, and grace before I open a book, and grace before sketching, painting, swimming, fencing, boxing, walking, playing, dancing and grace before I dip the pen in the ink. –G.K. Chesterton As […]

Create Your Own Masterpiece!

Johannes Vermeer’s famous painting, Girl With A Pearl Earring, inspired a book by the same name by contemporary author Tracy Chevalier.  Creating her own version of the circumstances surrounding the painting of this masterpiece, Chevalier’s book was a literary sensation. Your exercise for this week is to select a piece of art and free write […]

Live Your Dream

The popular blog Married With Luggage details the lives of a 40-year-old Seattle couple who, one year ago, sold everything they owned and began a three-year journey around the world.  Imagine the great experiences they will have to write about when they write their life stories!   They have done what many of us never do, and that […]

Writing About Life-Changing Moments

Today as we mark the anniversary of 9-11, we reflect on many things – courage, sacrifice, patriotism.  So many lives were changed forever on that day ten years ago.    We have all experienced life-changing moments.  Have you written about yours yet?  It is a critical piece of your life story and must be included, […]