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Where Are They Now?

scout (1)

In my recent blog post, I shared many of my favorite things about the great state of Alabama, where I was born and raised. Many famous writers hail from Alabama, including Fannie Flagg, Truman Capote and his childhood friend Harper Lee. Lee’s forthcoming novel, Go Set A Watchman, long thought to be lost, is set […]

Be Inspired!


Ready to get started on your next writing project, but just need a little nudge? If you’ve been looking for inspiration in all the wrong places, check out this link to 31 Ways To Find Inspiration (thanks to the brilliant folks at Write To Done for this great compilation). My personal favorite is #3 (Overhead […]

Take the 30/30 Challenge


We know that committing to write every day is an important discipline, but where to find the motivation? Richard Hugo House, a Seattle-based nonprofit has a solution which encourages writing and helps support this haven for writers at the same time. Its 30/30 Writing Challenge asks participants to commit to write 30 minutes a day […]

It Was A Dark and Stormy Night…


Edward Bulwer-Lytton is well-known as the namesake of an annual writing contest which celebrates overblown prose. However, he was a prolific and popular writer of his time, even coining several well-known phrases, including “The pen is mightier than the sword,” “the great unwashed,” and “the pursuit of the almighty dollar.” He was author of several […]

I Am A Writer

Toni Morrison

Commencement season brings with it many words of wisdom to new graduates. Speaking of her art to Vanderbilt University graduates, award-winning author Toni Morrison said, “I am a writer and my faith in the world of art is intense, but not irrational, nor naïve — because art takes us and makes us take a journey […]

Sit In On a Workshop!

If you haven’t had a chance to take one of my workshops yet – now is your chance!  The following video gives a good flavor of what’s in store when you join me:Anne Randolph Writing WorkshopAs you will see, it is a mixed bag of participants – everyone is welcome!  So keep an eye on […]


What a great testament as to why we write. Katherine Carol, author of Tango: Dance of Self Discovey, is a regular member of our workshop.  Through she helps writers publish and promote their books.  Why do you write?  Write your own reason why you write and send to *protected email*  For Anne With this […]


How’s the writing.  You can still begin a commitment to write everyday.  Sign up Try these subjects.  Send me your opening lines in the comments or an email  for a prize. *protected email* Subjects:      My greatest challenge                                                      Without ice cream                           Midnight                           Sun spots ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Writing Prompt:  […]


What is fresh writing? This technique invites the writer to leave the critic at the door, allows his personal genius to appear, and permits his brilliance to come center stage. The story is already in mind; the article concept, already formed. Just as Michelangelo, chiseling the David, allowed the statue that was already there to […]


WRITING BEGINS WITH YOUR PEN! Any time you allow yourself to “free write,” when you let energy flow, tell your truth, touch your core, you are Kitchen Table Writing.  The essence of Kitchen Table Writing is to allow the pen to guide.  Let whatever comes out of your hand, your pen, hit the page.  Kitchen […]