The Write Hot! Workbook

cover-layout-workbookThis is the perfect companion to a Write Hot! Workshop or the perfect workbook for any at-home or individual writer. This indispensable guide includes fresh writing lessons, writing prompts, and inspiration for practice writing. Also, find some of Anne’s most famous recipes for soup!

A Sample Prompt from the Workbook

Write Your Life Story Prompt: A technique I often fall back on is the use of prompts, similar to start lines, which will help your life story take shape:

  1. Divide your life into three parts.
  2. Jot down what YOU learned over the three stages of your life.
  3. Choose one success and write about it.
  4. Use start lines like:

 “Instead of… “
“I used to __________but now I _______”

Download a Sample Lesson

Get a taste for Kitchen Table Writing and start Writing Hot! Download a sample page from the workbook. Send Anne what you write, and she’ll send you a special gift for getting started!

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